LYC Guidelines

3 May

Hello LYC & Happy May Day,

On behalf of the House & Social committees and the entire executive committee I am pleased to announce the opening, albeit somewhat modified, of the Ludington Yacht Club for the 2021 season.  With respect to the current Coronavirus Orders issued by the State of Michigan, CDC, and FDA, the LYC has adopted the following guidelines to ensure the safety for all LYC members while visiting the clubhouse for social events. It is the responsibility of each LYC club member to help maintain a safe environment at the clubhouse. 

Indoor seating

  • Please read all signage posted upon entering the building;
  • Please sanitize your hands upon entering the building;
  • Personal masks must be worn upon entry to the building;
  • Masks may be removed once seated at a table but must be worn while away from a table;
  • Occupancy is limited to 50 persons;
  • Seating is limited to 6 per table, except, a predetermined group or family may seat a maximum of eight together;
  • Please do not remove chairs from the “stacks” to supplement table seating;
  • Seating at the bar is not allowed when the bartender is on duty; drinks must be consumed at your table;
  • To the extent possible, maintain social distancing of six feet.

Ordering drinks.

  • Place orders at the bar station only, mask required;
  • Please stay on the wood floor, marked by an ‘X” until next at the bar for order;
  • You may run a tab if you desire (this will lessen frequency of money exchange).

Outdoor Seating

  • Seating is limited to 6 per table;
  • Masks not required outdoors;

Food preparation delivery

  • All workers must wear gloves and masks, at all times, no exceptions;
  • We cannot serve food “buffet” style;
  • Food delivery can however be provided by (1) take out, (2) prepared plates in the kitchen with delivery to tables, or (3) masked & gloved servers in a “buffet-style” line to masked members. Event sponsors will decide which option(s) work best for their particular event;
  • Members may bring appetizers to share with others during Friday’s “Cocktails at the Club” event; single use serving utensils and plates will be available should you desire to partake.

QUAT sanitizing spray and paper towels are available to clean the common surfaces.  Hand sanitizer is available.

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