Clubhouse and docks are officially closed for the season

31 Oct

The clubhouse and docks are officially closed for the season. 

Today, a crew comprised of Gary Ferguson, Alex Zaydel, Dick Hubbard, Steve Wegener, Greg Katt, Ken Wierenga, Chico Ricklefs, and Dave Golder placed ice eaters on the docks, turned off the water, and drained the dock and clubhouse water lines.   No using sinks and/or toilets until spring!!   All freezable liquids have been removed and the refrigerators and beer cooler have been turned off.  Thanks to the winterization crew!

In addition, the internet service has been placed into a seasonal status, thus no WIFI, TV, or music is available. 
You can still enter the club, turn on heat, and in thirsty silence, watch it snow!!!

Have a good winter everyone!

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