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6 Jul

Trust your 4th of July was enjoyable. 

We continue to operate LYC to the current Coronavirus Orders issued by the State of Michigan, CDC, and FDA.  We have adopted the following guidelines to ensure the safety for all LYC members while visiting the clubhouse for social events. It is the responsibility of each LYC club member to help maintain a safe environment at the clubhouse.

1. Please read all signage posted near door upon entering building

2. Please sanitize your hands upon entering building

3. Personal masks must be worn until you get to your table and while you are away from your table, i.e., ordering drinks at the bar.

4. Do not remove any chairs from stacks, or sit at the bar, we are limited to 35 chairs inside. 

5. Chairs are one time use each night, no turning them over for another guest.

6. Seating is limited to four per table, except, a predetermined group or family may seat a maximum of eight together.

7. When exiting the clubhouse please place chairs in the same orientation as you found them.

8. Maintain (to the best of your ability) social distancing of six feet.

Ordering drinks. Place orders at the bar station only. Maintain social distance of six feet. Please stay on the wood floor, marked by an ‘X” until next at the bar for order. You may run a tab if you desire (this will lessen frequency of money exchange). Outdoor Seating like indoor seating, should be one person per night, no turn over of seating.  Should you feel it is necessary to reuse a chair / table area, QUAT sanitizing spray and paper towels are available to clean the common surfaces. We cannot serve anything “buffet” style nor can members bring in food items prepared elsewhere. With these basic sideboards, the following events are planned for the first week of July.  Please note that the current rules and status of the pandemic continue to affect activities now and into the 2020 season thus the calendar remains rather fluid

Tuesday July 7:  Fergburgs will be served up by Gary Ferguson and crew from 5:30 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. in support of the Youth Sailing School.  The process will be a bit different this year.  The plan is to have burgers to order as in the past but in addition, you will choose 2 of 4 different sides (potato salad, cole slaw, beans, or cream corn).  The order will come in “to go” packaging that you can take to an indoor (35 person limit) or outdoor table or take home to eat. Orders will be placed, paid for, and picked up at, or near, the bar.  Since this event is a fundraiser for the LYSS, cash or check is the acceptable form of donation (no membership card punches).  Recommended donation is $10 per person. The suggested donation reflects the addition of sides and the packaging materials required plus the significant increase in food cost.  

Tuesday July 7:  General Membership meeting at 7:30 p.m.  Attendance will be limited to Flag Officers, committee chairs, and about 20 members. 

Wednesday July 8:  Corona Cup Sailboat Racing series continues.  6:00 p.m. start.  If you wish to race or catch a ride, be at the club by 5:30 p.m.

Friday, July 10:  Cocktails at the Club (drinks only, no appetizers please) from 5:30 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.

Tuesday, July 14: Alternate Tuesday fundraiser for the sailing school.  Jill Kaines and Gail Kretchman are serving up “Potato Pigs” consisting of a baked potato topped with BBQ pulled pork, cheese, bacon, and green onion with sour cream on the side along with a side salad for $10 per person.  Since this is a fundraiser for LYSS, membership card “punches” will not be honored; cash or check will.  Serving from 5:30 – 7:00 p.m. Always available to go.  Indoor seating is appropriately distanced.

Racing results: 6/24/2020The second race of the 2020 Corona Cup was held Wednesday evening in very nice conditions. Steady winds from the SSW in the 7-10 range made for a great trip to the buoy and back.After a fair start, Freedom & Poppy T both headed inshore while Serendipity chose to stay out. This proved to be the right tactic and after sailing a great race Serendipity took line honors and first overall; besting the field by over 10 minutes on non corrected time! Great job Dave, Ken and Deb.Dale Fitch and his all female crew looked like they were having lots of fun as evidenced by the pictures they shared. Dick Hubbard did a great job of helming the entire race aboard Poppy T. Crew member Rune Kirby was a little disappointed that he couldn’t get a boat nap in (as is his custom when sailing on the Poppy T.) he may retire from Wednesday racing, in lieu of more relaxing coastal cruising. Thankfully the squall that was threatening a good drenching held off until all the boats were safely tied up and put away. Lots of smiles and a few cold drinks were enjoyed on the dock after the race.  Race Results *I took some liberties with PHRF ratings on these calculations, so please do not hold me to the accuracy of them. However, the order of finish was pretty clear. 

SerendipityDave Golder1:28:001:06:06 
Ken Wierenga
Deb Delzoppo
Poppy TTim Tibbits1:38:461:22:38 
Dick Hubbard
Rune Kirby
FreedomDale Fitch1:43:401:29:10 
Christine (daughter)
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