LYC Social Events

10 Jul

PLEASE—if you are the last person in the clubhouse, close all doors (including door to back bathrooms) and windows as you leave. We have had several reports of finding doors open with no one around.  Security is every member’s responsibility.  Even if others are on the club grounds, please lock up when you exit the clubhouse.  Everyone has the combination and can open as needed.  Thanks!!
At last night’s monthly meeting, the Social Committee followed on the heels of the House Committee and announced that all future dinner events are cancelled until further notice.  The LYSS Fergburg and alternate Tuesday fundraisers will continue as take out events.  The club remains available to members as normal; however please heed signage at the bar regarding safe serving protocols and ensure a TAMS person is on the premises if you are “opening” the bar.

Please be informed (until further notice) that ALL LYC social functions are now restricted to outdoor seating and takeout only.
LYC is taking this action to further ensure the safety of Bartenders, Cooks, helpers and LYC members as a whole during these unprecedented times.
Fergburgs and drinks will be ordered and be served, via the westside of the building.
Access to a bathroom will be by entering the south east door (Not the kitchen access door).
To be clear, please do not enter the kitchen, main room or bar areas during any social event.
The club remains available during non social event times as normal.

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