2022 Season is Ending Soon

24 Oct

What a string of glorious fall days we have had.  The swallows depart from San Juan Capistrano today.
This is the week MSU and U of M fans look forward to all year.  The fight for the Paul Bunyon Trophy begins on Saturday October 29 with kickoff at 7:30 p.m. in Ann Arbor.  But leading up to this is SOUPER SATURDAY TAILGATE AT LYC.Gather at 6:00 p.m. with your favorite soup to share (chili counts as soup BTW!).  There will also be shredded pork on hand for sandwiches.  Becky needs to reduce the bar inventory going into the off season so please come and help her out in this important endeavor. 

After this, the club will begin the winter close up process over the following weeks. There is nothing further on the 2022 calendar.
At the annual meeting last week, the following members were elected to Flag Officer positions for the 2023 season:  Commodore, Jim McGee; Vice Commodore, Steve Leedham; Rear Commodore, Alex Zaydel; Treasurer, Brian Moore; and Secretary, Denny Lavis.  Congrats to all.
At the same meeting, the membership present approved a Board of Directors recommendation to increase annual membership dues to $225 per year.  Earlier, the Board decided to eliminate the Social Activity fee beginning in 2023 so all future dinner events will require cash for payment, i.e., no more “punches”.

What follows is a message from Commodore Jim Mcgee:

Hello Ludington club members.

It’s been an eventful and exciting year for us.  We’ve had a return to normal after covid, an unexpected issue with the break wall, and a lot of activity through the social club and other groups.

Flag officers all did an amazing job this year, thank you.  I would also like to thank all the committee chairs and all of the members who volunteered to help with docks, grounds and more.  Dave Golder agreed to be our new dock committee chair and has done a great job.  Gail Kretchman is our new social chair, thank you Gail.  I’ve also taken over the house chair position.  This helps to lessen the burden on some of our members who have been doing more than their share, so if anyone would like to take over the house chair, please come see me. Our members really stepped up to get the job done and done well.

We had a great Bloomer Cup this year and a good turnout for the beer can races more boats than ever so let’s see if we can add a few for next year, Thanks Tim.

We had many great dinners this year thanks to the members who organized and helped cook and clean. 

And of course, a great big shout out to Becky who did a wonderful job behind the bar again this year.

I look forward to next year and have another great year.Commodore: Jim McGeeEveryone be safe out there and have a good winter wherever you may be.  See y’all in the Spring!
Secretary Denny

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