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7 Jun

June 7, is National Chocolate Ice Cream Day…stop by BR Scoops at the “Y” (Lakeshore Drive & M116 near the new Stix bar under construction) and support this small business by getting a “scoop”.
Upcoming social/dinner events at LYC…

Tuesday June 8:  Fergburgs will be served up by Gary Ferguson and crew from 5:30 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. in support of the Youth Sailing School.  The process will be similar to last year.  The plan is to have burgers to order as in the past but in addition, you will choose 2 of 4 different sides (potato salad, cole slaw, beans, or cream corn).  The order will come in “to go” packaging that you can take to an indoor (50 person limit), outdoor table, or take home to eat. Orders will be placed, paid for, and picked up at or near the south entrance.  Since this event is a fundraiser for the LYSS, cash or check is the acceptable form of donation (no membership card punches).  Recommended donation is $10 per person. The suggested donation reflects the addition of sides and the packaging materials required plus the significant increase in food cost.
Friday June 11:  Cocktails at the Club from 5:30 – 7:00 p.m.

Saturday June 12:  Reservations are now being taken for the Vegetarian Dinner (with a side of bacon) hosted by Jenny Orton and Tom Bell.   Menu includes Vegetarian cheese tortellini with Alfredo sauce. Garlic-herb bread, fresh green salad with shallot balsamic dressing, optional side of candied bacon, and dessert bars. 

Please call or text her at (231) 690-6224 to make a reservation; we still are currently restricted to a 50 person capacity so reservations will be limited to remain at this number.  Reservations close Wednesday June 9.
Tuesday June 15:  Alternate Tuesday fundraiser for LYSS.  Jill Kaines and crew are serving up “Potato Pigs” consisting of a baked potato topped with BBQ pulled pork, cheese, bacon, and green onion with sour cream on the side along with a side salad for $10 per person.  Since this is a fundraiser for LYSS, membership card “punches” will not be honored; cash or check will.  Serving from 5:30 – 7:00 p.m.   Indoor and outdoor seating is available. And, always available to go.

Friday June 18:  Cocktails at the Club from 5:30 – 7:00 p.m.

Saturday June 19:  Perch Dinner hosted by Steve Miller.  Menu includes sauteed perch, hush puppies, cole slaw, twice baked potatoes, and desert.  This will be a $15 per person dinner.  Please call or text Sandy Gomez (231-690-6224 to place a reservation.  

Fergburgs on June 22.
Rib Dinner hosted by Adam Lamb on June 26.
Potato Pigs on June 29.


Thursday evening sailboat racing at LYC

I am still working on a snappy name for this year’s race series, but thought I should get the communication stream flowing. First, a couple of notes:

  • We will be changing our race night to Thursdays this year. Hopefully this allows for more participation from our “out of town” friends that may arrive in Ludington for an extended weekend as well as encouraging participation from our neighbors to the south, the Pentwater Yacht Club.
  • The format and scoring will be identical to last year with points being awarded by order of finish….low to high. 1 point for first, 2 for second and so on.
  • Boats that make the start, but drop out (DNF) will be awarded +1 point more than the last place boat. For example, if 5 boats start the race and one drops out that boat will earn 5 points for the race. 
  • Boats that fail to make the start (DNS) will be awarded +2 points more than the last place boat. Again, for example if 5 boats start a race, the poor soul who had to go to his niece’s bridal shower instead of sailing will earn 7 points. 
  • The goal is to end the season with the lowest point total, and be crowned Thursday night champion.
  • All boats will be handicapped by using PHRF rating supplied by the captain. The honor system will apply so no need to show your shiny new certificate to participate although having up to date credentials would certainly be encouraged and appreciated.
  • The races are open to all regardless of club affiliation. Spread the word, bring your friends and let’s all share some great camaraderie on our beautiful lake.  

I plan on starting the series 6/17/21 and will race every Thursday (weather permitting) through the season finale on 9/11/2021 Bloomer Cup. So there will be 15 opportunities to enjoy and participate along with some special events sprinkled throughout the season.   See attached schedule.
I very much look forward to seeing you all on the water. Additional details to follow.Regards,Tim Tibbits
Chieftain Cup:

After a long hiatus, the Chieftain Cup sailboat race between Pentwater and Ludington is being resurrected.  Organizers of the event, Ken Wierenga (LYC) and Dave Bluhm (PYC) announce the tentative plans as follows:

  • Friday July 16 with a 2pm start. Racing from Pentwater to Ludington. Boats would be invited to stay the night at LYC.
  • Saturday July 17 start to be announced. Racing from Ludington to Pentwater. Boats invited to raft up at PYC.
  • a potential cruising regatta to follow on Sunday or Monday, possibly to Portage Lake Or Frankfort. 

All Pentwater and Ludington skippers are invited to participate. Also, any LYC member wishing to crew is invited to do so.  Please contact Ken who will work with skippers to place willing crew.
In addition, we want to open our respective weekly races (Saturday for PYC and Thursday for LYC)  to any boats that may want to participate. 
More info to follow.

Summer Gala

Mark your calendars.  LYC is having a “Summer Gala” for you.  It will be held off site in the ballroom at the Stearns Hotel in Ludington on Saturday August 14, 2021.  It will feature a catered dinner, dancing and a DJ.  A cash bar will be available throughout the night.  Tickets are $35.00 per person, checks made payable to LYC.  To purchase tickets please contact Jim McGee (810-441-5833) or Scott Hultman (616-644-5073).  Tickets are also available at the bar.  Members and guests are welcome.

One other item.  It has been brought to my attention that some of you may be getting duplicate mailings of this message.  If you have registered on the LYC website to get updates, you may get a second copy of this email as our webmaster routinely posts this message to the website.  If 2x is too much you can remove the notification from the website.

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