Message from the Commodore

31 May

Although we haven’t had the opportunity to get together this spring, a lot has been happening behind the scenes.  The current situation is very fluid and is changing every week.  So please let me share with you some important updates.

General Membership Meeting

            The General Membership Meeting scheduled for next Tuesday will be handled differently this month.  We are looking at a “Go to Meeting” or “Zoom” format.  We currently are not allowed to hold gathering of more than ten people in the building and we must maintain social distancing.  That said the clubhouse remains closed to large groups but we will be holding a meeting in the clubhouse for the officers and the committee chairs.  During the meeting we will do first and second membership readings.  A second e-mail will be sent with details on how to participate online.


The kitchen, bar and restroom areas have been remodeled.  The rest of the clubhouse has also been thoroughly cleaned.  I think you will agree that the renovations really turned out great.  A special thanks to all of the members who volunteered their time and labor to make this happen.  The combination to clubhouse doors effective June 1 will be changed.  Please make a note of this.


            We are hoping to have our Theme dinners, Ferg-Burg nights and Friday night Cocktails back on track in a couple of weeks (mid-June).  The opening date is subject to the directives issued by the Governor.  Please note the Summer Gala has been dropped for this year and has been rescheduled for next season.


            We have hired a part time bartender.  His name is Andy Hamilton and I look forward to personally introducing him to you in the near future.  Andy is a teacher during the schoolyear and will be with us during the summer.  He will also be running the Ludington Youth Sailing School.  Please welcome him aboard.


            Getting to the clubhouse will be easier and much dryer.  An additional layer of stone was added to the driveway along with larger rocks on both sides of the road.  No more fording through water or walking around puddles.


            Both the East and the West docks are now open.  A few small projects remain to be completed.  The pump out station is plumbed to our sewage system but not yet operational.  We are waiting for parts for the pump.  We are also looking for a Dock Committee Chairman.  Please contact me if you are interested.


            The Governor continues to issue new directives and changes every week.  Frankly it is difficult to keep up with them.  We are tying to comply with them and are doing the best we can.

As I said earlier the situation it very fluid and changing very rapidly.  Hopefully we can return to our old normal in a few weeks.  If you have any questions, please contact me.

Thank you,

Scott Hultman, Commodore

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