May 3 General Membership Meeting

29 Apr

Under New Business at the May 3 General Membership Meeting, the following will be presented for a membership vote.

Mark Hill, has expressed a desire to resign as Vice Commodore of LYC.  He indicated he would remain through 2022 but would like to step aside sooner if a replacement was identified.

The nominating committee from last fall, Gary Ferguson, Jill Kaines, & myself first inquired of Alex Zaydel, our Rear Commodore, if he wished to move up to the office and he indicated he would just as soon remain in his elected position and continue the learning process.  We then developed a list of 3 potential candidates.  After meeting with each to pursue their interest and commitment, we recommend Steve Leedham as best positioned at this time to fulfill the duties of Vice Commodore over the next two years. 

At the May 3 general membership meeting we will present our recommendation for the vacancy as we would for the Annual Election of Officers.  We will also ask for nominations from the floor.  As such, if there is interest from anyone in the membership who would wish to be considered for the Vice Commodore vacancy we ask that you respond to this email in advance of the May 3 meeting so the committee can discuss with you the responsibilities and duties of the office prior to entering your name on the ballot. This however does not preclude anyone from tossing their hat into the ring at the meeting when nominations from the floor are solicited.

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