Update from Gary Ferguson

10 May

Tuesday and Wednesday of this week we were able to get a crew together to build a 4’ wide boardwalk with approximately 400’ of treated lumber. About 5000 screws. Included is a slightly larger deck for the soon to be operable pump-out station re-located at the NW corner of the steel wall.  Yet to be accomplished is an approach ramp to the east dock but hopefully next week we see this getting done. Also, next week 7 new electrical/water pods  will be installed around the 400’ wood walk. Those members who showed to help, donning masks and practicing social distancing were: Alex Zaydel – Dave Golder- Ken & Sharon Wierenga- Steve Wegener- Ted Towl- Tom Bell- Rich Hubbard- Pete Christensen- Al Buck- Tom Carlson- and Jill Kaines keeps on plugging away at the kitchen remodel painting (what a trooper she is!). Sore knees and backs galore but everyone hung in. Great help!

There is still much to be done on the docks and I’ll get to it as soon as we can. Next week all the docks should have the water active.


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