Building and Grounds Update

9 Mar

I spoke with Gary Ferguson today and he provided some updates on the building and grounds.

House:  The under floor new plumbing is installed and complete. Floors are very nicely repaired with like ceramic tiles to closely match the existing floor. New plumbing pipes under the kitchen sink also. New sewage drainage pipes are into the outside pumping station pit and are working well. The plumbers checked to see if they could detect any mold below the clubhouse floor and report no evidence of any.  There is about 18″ of space below joist to water surface at this time.

Grounds:  Double 6x6x16’ posts are all installed on top of the existing steel wall around the clubhouse. That raises the wall an additional 11”. Some of the 35 cleats have been removed from the steel shelf and re-installed on the 6×6’s. The remaining cleats are underwater and we will wait a few weeks for the lake to warm up a bit before removing them. The additional 11” height means we have to revamp both the east and west ramps leading to the floating docks.

As soon as the frost is gone from the ground we will bring 6aa rock gravel in to cover the entire lawn area around the clubhouse. This is less expensive than the trap rock and will prove to be much cleaner in not tracking it onto boats. This fill will place the entire ground level above the current lake level.

I’m happy to say we are ahead of schedule on these projects. These improvements should ensure access and use of the club during 2020.   Call Gary (231 690-3710 if you have any questions.

CLUB DUES AND FEES:  At this point in time with less than 30 days before the April 1 due date I wish to remind the 107 members that have not yet renewed to do so asap in order to continue support to your club. Should anyone need information regarding what is owed, please respond to his email and I will let you know.

I also wish to thank the 80 members who have renewed to date.  I am sending out cards as I am notified of the receipt of dues so please watch for them.

Secretary Denny

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