Commodore’s Comments

6 Apr

Wow, what a difference a year makes!  Last year in April, waxing the floor and turning on the water wasn’t the main concern, our concern was that the entire club might be underwater and our driveway and seawall needed to be raised at least two feet just to save the land surrounding the entire club.  We are a volunteer club with limited financial means, however this posed no problem for the LYC.  Under the direction of the board along with many more members, including the flag officers, a plan was developed that was within our ability to pay.  Our club was fortunate enough to have club members that could do the technical work as well as the manual labor to complete the plan approved by the board and flag officers.  With over 80 members planning and working to raise the seawall and driveway, add black dirt and re-sod the entire land surrounding the club, it is hard to remember what it looked like just one year ago.


This year once again we are looking forward to a fun and exciting season.  Our committee chairs have been working hard to make sure that the club is ready, the docks are full and our membership reaches capacity.  Last year we had approximately 70% of our members volunteering to help from working on the docks to planning and preparing a social event.  Our goal is to include as many members as we can with clubhouse and boating activities.  If you want to volunteer, don’t hesitate to contact our committee chairs.


Thank you so much for all your support.   I look forward to making our club to be the best place to relax, have a drink with a friend and spend some time this summer.


Mike Robinson

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