Chili Cook Off Saturday, October 11

6 Oct

This Saturday, October 11, is the Chili Cook Off.  Chairman for the event, John Berend, wishes to remind everyone that it is IMPORTANT for all guests and participants to read over the included material. Certain rules must be followed or a disqualification can occur.

One important Procedure is that the Chili MUST be delivered through the kitchen door ONLY (between 11AM and NOON) and the participant MUST be logged in. DO NOT leave your entry without logging in.

Please notify of your desire to provide a CHILI entry.

We need desserts only as an addition, so bring a dessert contribution if you wish.


Ludington Yacht Club Chili Cook Off

Saturday, October 11


  1. Cook Off Contestants must furnish (1) one crockpot of chili with a serving utensil. No names may be visible on pot or utensil.
  2. Contestants must deliver chili to the LYC kitchen through the REAR DOOR ONLY by12 Noon. Front door entries will be disqualified.
  3. Chili will be left with a kitchen Chili Team member once you have confirmed category and your chili has been registered.
  4. Three categories of chili will be judged- Red Chili (optional beans, meat, vegetables, etc), White Chili (optional beans, meat, vegetables, etc), Veggie Chili (meatless).
  5. Judging will commence at 1PM, with 2oz tasting cups only, and tasting will terminate at3PM or until the first pot of chili has been consumed.
  6. Cornbread, tasting cups, bowls, plates, eating utensils, napkins, onions, sour cream, cheese, crackers, hot sauce, rice and barf bags will be furnished by the Chili Team. NO FREE BEER.
  7. Prizes will be awarded to the Championship Chili in each category.
  8. Full 12oz chili bowl eating will commence at 3PM after tasting has terminated.
  9. Each paying taster will be given a paper ballot and cast one vote for their favorite chili in each of the three categories.
  10. Contestants please send your name and chili category contribution to John Berend



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