LYC now owns the club property!

26 Dec

As of Friday, December 14th at 10:00 a.m. our membership became the proud owner of the LYC building and grounds!  

The pursuit of this goal was first started around 1992 by a few of our members. Twenty years later we have finally accomplished what those far sighted members started. The land that we purchased can be seen on the survey drawing posted on the wall in the club. 

This latest successful effort with the PerePointeVillage owners was achieved with the help of Dale Fitch, Les Kaines, Denny Lavis, Steve Miller, and Gary Ferguson, Commodore. This group met many times and we were unanimous in all our decisions. It was a pleasure to be part of that group. 

We now have secure ownership that allows us to hand this property off to future members. If anyone has questions they can call me or any of the four members listed above. 

Thanks for all the support we received from the general membership as we went through this process. Congratulations!

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