Ludington Yacht Club sponsors the 2013 Queen’s Cup Finish

26 Dec

Ludington Yacht Club is the proud sponsor of the finish of the Shore Shore Yacht Club’s 2013 Queen’s Cup sailboat race. This race starts near Milwaukee late Friday afternoon, June 28th, 2013, and will finish about one mile off the Ludington harbor entrance. End of race activities in Ludington will include docking space for the race boats, an entertainment tent that will feature live music, drinks, and food located at Water Front Park. Water Front Park is near the docks, and an easy walk from the downtown City of Ludington.

Ludington Harbor has much to offer Queen’s Cup race boats and crews. The harbor is a commercial deep water harbor that will easily provide room for docking any Queen’s Cup race boat.

Race finish activities will be centered at the City of Ludingon’s Water Front Park. The race boats will be docked at the City of Ludington’s Marina, nearby Harbor View Marina, off the harbor wall adjacent to Water Front Park, or Ludinton Yacht Club docks.

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