LYC Sailing Opportunity

15 Jul

The next race will be held on Wednesday, July 19, 2017.  The current plan is to have the race start at 6 PM.  Notice of the race is posted at LYC by Monday July 17.  The race is planned to start from the club or from the south pier, racing either to the buoy at the northwest corner of the pumped storage plant (outside the net) and returning to the south pier or to the weather buoy west of the harbor entrance and return depending on the wind.  The course will be determined based upon wind and weather conditions at the time.  The skippers meeting will be at 5:15 PM at LYC and final announcements will be made at that time.

Please indicate your interest by signing the sheets posted on the club bulletin board.  Each skipper should enter the name of the boat and the boat manufacture or design not later than 6 PM on July 18.  If we have adequate advance participation, Dale will make handicap calculations and there will be a pursuit race with those having the highest PHRF ratings starting first and faster boats with staggered starting times based upon handicap.  This can be a fun event if participants sign up in advance so that the handicap calculations can be made.  Those who sign up late or fail to provide design information will be scheduled for the last start.  If we are unable to make adequate handicap calculations, we will default to having a group start at 6:00 PM.  Starting time will be according to time as indicated on your GPS.

You can also indicate if you need or would accept additional crew.  Make certain to enter your contact information so that the race committee can contact you in advance of the race.  Also, if you have a PHRF handicap or know the handicap for your boat, please email me that information.

If you don’t have a boat but would like to crew, there will also a “Crew Looking for a Ride” sign up posted at the club.  Please sign, provide your phone and e-mail contact and indicate your relevant sailing and racing experience level on the sign up form.  We will try to place as many crew as possible, but you need to be at the LYC by 5:15 PM on the day of the race if you want to participate.  We will try to get everyone who wants to go aboard a boat.  Skippers may contact those who sign up, but the committee will not be making advance calls to crew volunteers, so it is important to show up at the club. Please be aware that all race participants are not docked at the club.

This is supposed to be a fun event and an opportunity to blow some of the algae off the bottom of those boats, so please participate.  If there is not adequate interest indicated on the sign- up sheets byTuesday, July 18, the event will be cancelled, so step up to the plate and sign up.  Get out there and celebrate the Summer.

Direct questions to Dale Fitch Race Chair (231-425-0305).  The next Wednesday night race will beJuly 26, 2017.  

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