Friday night Cocktails, MSU/UM Tailgate Party, Club Closing

28 Oct

Friday, Nov 1st, there will be Cocktails @ the Club starting around 5. If you want, bring a appetizer to share.

The last social event of the year for LYC,  the MSU/UM Tailgate Party, will start at 3 PM, Saturday Nov 2nd. The game starts at 3:30. If you want, bring a tailgate item to share. Otherwise, just come, socialize, and watch the game.

Les Kaines and Jill Wild will be hosting the Michigan/Michigan State rivalry.  Stadium food will be served at half time and you may bring an appetizer to share during the game if you like.  There is no charge for this event as it is compliments of Les. 

We will be closing the Club on Wednesday the 6th.  Volunteers are needed to clean and put away the deck furniture and other jobs.  We’ll start the process at noon and should be done by three if we have plenty of Club members to help.

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