Chili Cook Off Corrections

3 Oct
The competition is heating up in the kitchen!  sign up NOW for the Chili Cook Off!  See instructions and call John Berend with you reservations for your pot!

The following are corrections or additional information:


                -All contestants read the Rules and Procedures

                -Contestants must deliver their crock pot of Chili with serving utensil and 8 ½ X 11 sheet with Chili info NO LATER THAN 1130 AM Saturday 5 October through the Yacht Club KITCHEN

                 DOOR ONLY

                -Tasting and judging Noon-1:30 PM

                -Consumption of Chili by bowl 1:30-4PM

                -Three categories of Chili: Red, White and Veggie (see Rules and Procedures)

                -Contestants/participants please Email the Chili Captain your name and category of Chili

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