Memorial Day at LYC

27 May
On Monday, Memorial Day, a small group of LYC members gathered at the club to raise an American flag in honor of those military personnel that gave the ultimate sacrifice for their country.
This flag has an additional special meaning.  It was given to Joan Johnson on Corn’s passing as thanks from all citizens of the United States of America for his military service.  Joan donated the flag to the Ludington Yacht Club where she requested it fly over the Club for all its members to enjoy. It is a fitting tribute to Corn who truly loved the LYC and all its members and who, in turn, loved him.
Do you think Corn would approve?  “You bet your Sweet Bippy” he would!!!

Message from Scott Hultman, Commodore

19 May

Hello Everybody,

Good news and bad news.  The good news is that the kitchen and bar remodeling project is almost finished.  The bad news is that we can not use it at this time.  Due to the Covid-19 restrictions put in place by Governor Whitmer we can not hold any events in our building.  We are waiting for either the removal of the restrictions or for an extension of them.  We should know more on (or before) May 28th.

Currently the docks are open and boats are starting to arrive.  Water and electrical service to all of them will be available shortly.  The pump out system has been plumbed to our new sewage system and operation of it will be restored upon the installation of a replacement pump. The boardwalk around the perimeter of the sea wall has been installed and a new entrance to the east docks will be completed in the near future.  Additionally, more stone has been added to the driveway.

If you would like to take a peek at the changes we have made, please do so but remember to maintain social distance and stay in groups of less than ten people.

Please note that at this time all scheduled events for June have been cancelled.  Hopefully we can gather again in the near future.  I will send another update at the end of the month.

Thank you,

Scott Hultman, Commodore

And this from the Secretary:  The combination to clubhouse doors effective June 1 will be changed. Read your email to have the combination.

Update from Gary Ferguson

10 May

Tuesday and Wednesday of this week we were able to get a crew together to build a 4’ wide boardwalk with approximately 400’ of treated lumber. About 5000 screws. Included is a slightly larger deck for the soon to be operable pump-out station re-located at the NW corner of the steel wall.  Yet to be accomplished is an approach ramp to the east dock but hopefully next week we see this getting done. Also, next week 7 new electrical/water pods  will be installed around the 400’ wood walk. Those members who showed to help, donning masks and practicing social distancing were: Alex Zaydel – Dave Golder- Ken & Sharon Wierenga- Steve Wegener- Ted Towl- Tom Bell- Rich Hubbard- Pete Christensen- Al Buck- Tom Carlson- and Jill Kaines keeps on plugging away at the kitchen remodel painting (what a trooper she is!). Sore knees and backs galore but everyone hung in. Great help!

There is still much to be done on the docks and I’ll get to it as soon as we can. Next week all the docks should have the water active.


LYC Happenings

4 May

The following is an update on the house and grounds from Gary Ferguson as well as a request for help at the end of his update, please let him know if you can lend a hand. We are still uncertain when the club will officially open, but rest assured, when it does, we will be ready, thanks to Gary’s hard and never ending oversight and work over the past several weeks/months.

“Friday we had a group at the club to clean up all the debris from the kitchen remodel project. There is a 30 yard dumpster in the driveway that is almost full up. Also, this group removed, washed, and stored all the ice eaters. The shed got a big cleaning dent in it also. We were able to maintain social distance and everyone wore a mask or face shield. After about 4-5 hours, the mission was accomplished.

A BIG thank you to the following for help Friday:

Tom Bell, Zach Miller, Alex Zaydel, Rich Kirby, Mark Hill, Andy Klevorn, Al Buck, Ted Toll, Pat Shinn (soon to rejoin LYC), and Gary Ferguson

And a special thanks to Jill Kaines for all her days of painting in the kitchen. Looking great!

Speaking of the kitchen project, the construction is scheduled to be completed in another 2 weeks. Left to do is replace about 80 floor tiles, attic ladder to install, new cabinets, finish 3 storage closets, bring in a new/old larger beer cooler (this Monday), finish the shower and wall installation for the transient bathroom. Likely the last item to be installed will be the bar top as it is being made off-site and due to the pandemic it could be out a month or more.

Mark Hill is planning a major cleanup of the inside maybe starting Saturday the 16th. He will contact a few members for their help. More on this from Mark later.

The west docks are clear and ready for boats now. The boat club is planning to remove their docks Saturday the 16th. There is electricity to the docks but it will be a couple more weeks before the plumbing of the water lines is finished. The outer east wall is clear and ready for boats and also the north east outside slips are open and can be used.

There will be more fill added to the road and driveway over the next couple weeks.

Also, there remains a big project to install a 4’ wide boardwalk all around the outside steel wall. All the material is on site. This can be started this week and 6-8-10 helpers to cut boards and screw them in place will be needed. A lot of bending and on-your-knees work. Gary is looking for volunteers with saws and battery screw guns to help out. If you can help  call him at 231-690-3710 for details. The weather this coming week looks semi okay.”

Stay safe everyone until we can gather once again.

Secretary Denny (back from Texas yesterday and hunkered down in Tamarac for a bit)

Commodore’s Message

1 May

A message from our Commodore, Scott Hultman

I would like to take a moment to give you some updates on the Ludington Yacht Club.  During the off season we have been very busy.  You will see many new changes that I think you will be proud of.  We are looking forward to a great year even if we have a late start.  Here are some of the items that that we are working on:

High Water Levels

            The good news is that the building is not in danger of being submerged.  When the flooring was opened up to work on the sewage system it was noted that we had 18 to 20 inches of clearance between the lake water level and the bottom of the joists.  There was no evidence of joist damage or mold.  Additionally, the sea wall height was increased by adding two layers of 6” x 6” wood beams and then the yard area was filled with stone.  A wooden board walk around the perimeter will be added shortly.

Clubhouse Remodel

            You will see a different clubhouse when you return.  The existing kitchen and bar area have been torn out and are being replaced.  Our contractor has promised that he will have the project completed by the middle of May.

Covid-19 Pandemic

            The Covid-19 Pandemic has made some of the changes difficult to achieve in a timely fashion but we are moving forward and soon we should be able to gather and celebrate the summer.

Governor’s Response

            The Governor’s Executive Orders are being modified every few days and we will respond to them accordingly.  She recently lifted the ban on motor boats so we will be able to start filling our slips.  The biggest problem is the gathering of people in the building and the limit in the number of people that can be present at one time.  To that end our building is presently closed.  Stay tuned things are changing fast.  I also ask that you stay out of the building during our construction phase.

Dinners & Meetings

All of the dinners and meetings that were scheduled for May have been canceled. The Friday night cocktails and the “Ferg Burg“ events held on alternating Tuesday nights have also been canceled. We hope to resume full activities in June.  With a little bit of luck, we may be able to open things up a little earlier, stay posted for updates.

Summer Gala

            Mark your calendars.  We have planned a “Summer Gala” for you.  It will be held off site in the ballroom at the Stearns Hotel in Ludington on August 21, 2020.  It will feature a catered dinner, dancing and a DJ.  A cash bar will be available throughout the night.  Tickets are $35.00 per person.  To purchase tickets please contact Jim McGee or Scott Hultman.

If you have any questions, please contact any of the officers.

Thank you,

Scott Hultman, Commodore

LYC Update

4 Apr

Time to provide some updates on things that are happening with regard to LYC during these trying times and some things that we all need to plan for when all this ends.

Meetings and Membership

The clubhouse of course, is closed and will not reopen until the Governor lifts her executive order shuttering all private clubs and gatherings of large groups of people.  This means no April membership meeting.  However, we still would like to process folks into membership so here are the prospective new member applicants for April.

Parker Sessa sponsored by Allen Olson and Jim Wright.  Parker summers at Crosswinds and lives in Ada.  Interested in becoming more involved in sailing and working around the club

Steve and Dawn Leedham sponsored by Gary Ferguson and Tim Tibbits.  Steve and Dawn live in Ludington. They have a powerboat and expressed interest in dockage. They indicate they plan to be very active in organizing and assisting with social events.

At the March meeting, Andy Hamilton’s application was presented.  Andy will be the new LYSS manager this summer.  I would like to assume that the majority who would have attended the April meeting would vote “yes” to accept Andy into membership and, as such, propose we move forward with accepting Andy into membership in lieu of a formal meeting vote.

Reminder:  Annual dues are payable by April 1.  At this time, we have about 40 members who have not renewed.  If you are on the fence, hopefully this update will indicate LYC is actively moving forward and you will continue your membership.

Building & Grounds

In my March 7 update, I included descriptions of the grounds work that has been underway.  Today, I include several photos that reveal what our club grounds and seawall look like now.

The Board of Directors recently met and overwhelmingly approved several interior improvements.  A complete renovation of the kitchen/bar is going to occur.  The kitchen will be enlarged by eliminating the two shower rooms (one shower will be moved into the “middle” hall bathroom so 2 showers are maintained) and small closet in the hall thereby allowing the kitchen wall to be moved to the east where a new sink, cabinetry, and countertop will be installed.  The existing island will be eliminated and replaced by a moveable SS work surface; the furnace will be relocated, and the bar will be enlarged to include sink and ice maker. A new refrigerator and dishwasher is also part of the renovation. I attach the proposed floor plan.  This work, originally slated to be complete by May 1, is now on hold until such time non-essential construction projects can resume.  In addition, budget items approved earlier include an additional TV, new sound system, and Wi Fi internet.


We are looking forward to an active social season once the Club opens. In addition to regular Friday “Cocktails at the Club” appetizer social and every other Tuesday “Fergburgs”, there is a suite of favorites planned.  Plus, as a teaser, consider the following new events:

“Taste of the Caribbean” Event- Saturday 11 July, 7PM – $20 per person

APPETIZER: Nassau Conch Fritters with Mustard Sauce

SOUP:  Walker Cay Conch Chowder with Pepper Sauce and Barbados Rum

SALAD:  Caribbean Salad with Honey Lime Dressing

MAIN COURSE:  South Florida Lobster Tail with Drawn Butter and Lemon,                            Jamaican Jerk Chicken, Cuban Fried Plantains, Puerto Rican Rice and Pigeon Peas

DESSERT:  Key Largo Key Lime Pie

Steel Drum music shall be provided.

Mark your 2020 Calendars!  Vice Commodore Jim McGee announces that a Commodore Gala (casual dress) will be held on Friday August 21 from 6-11 p.m. at the Stearns Hotel.  This will be a catered & cash bar event complete with DJ music.  Advance tickets will be sold for $35 per person and are available by contacting Scott Hultman or Jim McGee.

The tentative dinner offering schedule is attached.

There will be an interior cleaning (and outside of windows) event, if we can gather, on Thursday May 21 beginning at 9:00 a.m.  If you are inclined to help, please bring your favorite cleaning supplies to clean the following: Kitchen, Bar, Bathrooms, Windows, dining room including all tables and chairs.

We learned that LYC member Caryl Barnett Ferguson passed away recently following complications from heart surgery.

Stay safe everyone.

Building and Grounds Update

9 Mar

I spoke with Gary Ferguson today and he provided some updates on the building and grounds.

House:  The under floor new plumbing is installed and complete. Floors are very nicely repaired with like ceramic tiles to closely match the existing floor. New plumbing pipes under the kitchen sink also. New sewage drainage pipes are into the outside pumping station pit and are working well. The plumbers checked to see if they could detect any mold below the clubhouse floor and report no evidence of any.  There is about 18″ of space below joist to water surface at this time.

Grounds:  Double 6x6x16’ posts are all installed on top of the existing steel wall around the clubhouse. That raises the wall an additional 11”. Some of the 35 cleats have been removed from the steel shelf and re-installed on the 6×6’s. The remaining cleats are underwater and we will wait a few weeks for the lake to warm up a bit before removing them. The additional 11” height means we have to revamp both the east and west ramps leading to the floating docks.

As soon as the frost is gone from the ground we will bring 6aa rock gravel in to cover the entire lawn area around the clubhouse. This is less expensive than the trap rock and will prove to be much cleaner in not tracking it onto boats. This fill will place the entire ground level above the current lake level.

I’m happy to say we are ahead of schedule on these projects. These improvements should ensure access and use of the club during 2020.   Call Gary (231 690-3710 if you have any questions.

CLUB DUES AND FEES:  At this point in time with less than 30 days before the April 1 due date I wish to remind the 107 members that have not yet renewed to do so asap in order to continue support to your club. Should anyone need information regarding what is owed, please respond to his email and I will let you know.

I also wish to thank the 80 members who have renewed to date.  I am sending out cards as I am notified of the receipt of dues so please watch for them.

Secretary Denny

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