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Upcoming Week at LYC

21 Jun

Just a reminder  Fergburgs and Mexican dinner this coming week, seating is still available for Saturday’s dinner (details below).

Also, please put your name tag on when arriving so our new bartender, Andy, will know you are a member and can be served at the bar. Name tag rack is in a new location and easier to access!

Gary Ferguson wanted everyone, especially the members that have docks, to know that the pump out is now operational.

Tuesday June 23:  Fergburgs will be served up by Gary Ferguson and crew from 5:30 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. in support of the Youth Sailing School.  The process will be a bit different this year.  The plan is to have burgers to order as in the past but in addition, you will choose 2 of 4 different sides (potato salad, cole slaw, beans, or cream corn).  The order will come in “to go” packaging that you can take to an indoor (35 person limit) or outdoor table or take home to eat. Orders will be placed, paid for, and picked up at, or near, the bar.  Since this event is a fundraiser for the LYSS, cash or check is the acceptable form of donation (no membership card punches).  Recommended donation is $10 per person. The suggested donation reflects the addition of sides and the packaging materials required plus the significant increase in food cost.

Friday, June 26:  Cocktails at the Club (drinks only, no appetizers please) from 5:30 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.

Saturday June 27:  Mexican Dinner hosted by Mark & Patty Otto.  Social to start at 6:00 p.m. with dinner served at 7:00 p.m.   This will be a $10 per person event, cash or card punch.  Once again, Sandy Gomez will be taking reservations for dinners.  Please call or text her at (231) 690-6224 to make a reservation; only 35 reservations for indoor seating can be taken.  If you wish to specify outdoor seating, with the caveat that in case of unfavorable weather, you would need to have your dinner delivered “to go”, she can accept 20 additional reservations.  Reservations close Wednesday June 24.  The menu includes:

Tossed Salad – will be served individually in disposable bowls

Plate with Chicken or Steak Wet Burrito (we will ask each guest their preference) 

Rice and bean sides will be put on the plate with the burrito. 

Chocolate Sheet Cake with Vanilla Ice Cream and some Chocolate syrup

Each guest will be served at their table the salad, plate and dessert.

Other Activites Happening at LYC

14 Jun

Gary Ferguson organized yet another work bee on the docks on Saturday June 6 for 3 hours. The crew of volunteers accomplished the following:

  1. Repaired, tether chained, and installed 4 major air tank floats under the west dock system.
  2. Bolted down the pump-out motor housing.
  3. Relocated picnic tables around the stone yard.
  4. Placed the cement block and timber logs as a fence along the west side parking lot.
  5. West end of west dock replace electrical trough cover.
  6. Leveled out the concrete chunk wall along the south side of the entire parking lot.
  7. Installed sign posts at the driveway entry to LYC/LYSS property. New signs on order for the entry and the PRIVATE docks signage.
  8. Raised up the west dock hinged ramp, thus easier slope to walk.
  9. Further cleaning of the shed.
  10. 3 red safety ladders weld repaired and re-installed around the steel sea wall by Chris Sekenske and Company.

These work bees “work” because of the following volunteers: Pat Brugger, Alex Zaydel, Dave Golder, Jim McGee, Jim Chico Ricklefs, Andy Hamilton, Chris Sekenske

The days leading up to the work bee saw Dick Hubbard, Steve Wegener, and Jeff Yeager (soon to be a new member) putting in daily work hours to make all things yard and docks more presentable. The entire docks system was water sealed last week.

 Still to be accomplished is the electrical repair of the pump-out (currently not usable), the construction of a hinged ramp leading onto the east docks (recently completed by Gary Ferguson and Steve Wegener), and installation of the entry and dock private signs.

On another note, all docks have now been rented for the season except 23.

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